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Coronovirus: Opinions Before Facts

These last couple weeks have been interesting (though interesting isn’t probably the word I’m looking for). It seems like the entire country has made a decision on how serious the Coronavirus is, before we’ve even had a chance to get all the information on it. Half the nation seems to think it is going to be a serious pandemic and are freaking out. The other half thinks it is a hoax, or that people are overreacting to it.

The fact is, we don’t know how serious this is going to be. Data is still being gathered and analyzed. People are recovering, but we don’t yet know if they are going to have long-term effects. The mortality rate can’t be figured, because there are too many people who are still in the early stages of the illness. Plain and simply, no one knows if sports leagues, schools, and theme parks are overreacting to the virus by shutting down.

And, we probably will never know if we as a whole are overreacting. If this virus goes out with a whimper, it might be because it was never a big problem in the first place, or our proactive approach to the situation kept it under control. There will be arguments on both sides. If the pandemic ends up killing hundreds of thousands, some will have the attitude that our precautions were unnecessary, because they didn’t work. Others will say that the precautions kept many more from dying.

As with pretty much anything lately, how we look back on the Coronavirus situation will almost surely be seen through biased eyes. We will look for any bit of data that supports the opinion we had the moment the virus started making the news.

I really hope this ends up being looked at as a situation that everyone overreacted to. If that happens, then it means the virus didn’t spread as much as it could, and isn’t as deadly as some might fear. I hope the mortality rate ends up on the low end of speculation.

The fact is, there isn’t enough information out there for me to be either optimistic or pessimistic about it. I, like everyone else in this country right now, don’t know jack.

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