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Battlefront 2: Three Heroes I Want (And Their Three Counters)

The Three Heroes (and Villains) I Want to See In Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has given us much to be excited about in the last few months. Three eras of Co Op mode, Sequel Trilogy Supremacy, and the rolling balls of joy, known as BB8 and BB9E. Still, us Battlefront 2 fans want more (we will always want more). New Villain skins would be nice. Additional blasters (above and beyond what we just got) would be amazing. However, I think most of us want some new Heroes and Villains. Something to spice the place up a bit. 

So, here are the three heroes I want to see added toBattlefront 2, and their three villain counterparts.

  1. Qui Gon Jinn–Pong Krell (Prequel Era)

Qui Gon Jinn was wise, yet reckless at the same time. Had he trained Anakin, the Chosen One may have never fallen to the Dark Side. His connection to the force also had very few rivals. So of course he’d be a great Hero to add to the game. He’d have a powerful lightsaber attack, and be deceptively quick. For abilities, he’d have some kind of force push, an ability that confuses enemies, and a defensive ability that gives him unlimited blocking stamina, and increases the damage enemies take from deflected blaster shots. The only problem here, is that the Republic side already has tons of lightsaber heroes. 

Pong Krell would be a ruthless villain. He’d be extremely fast and strong, and able to wield multiple lightsabers. He would instill fear in the troops that dared to stand against him. For abilities, I’d have a terror or confusion option, where his enemies can’t fire their blasters, or maybe they even fire on friendlies if they do attempt to shoot. An acrobatic attack like Maul would probably be cool. He’d also have a force push or pull. Like Qui Gon, it may not make sense to add him because the era is already loaded, but it would be cool to see him.

    2. Kanan Jarrus–Grand Inquisitor (Rebellion Era)

Kanan Jarrus wins out over Ezra Bridger for me, just because he was more accomplished in battle than his apprentice. He’d be fairly powerful in the force, but maybe not at the same level as Luke, Obi Wan, Yoda, or Anakin. As a team player, one of his abilities would have to buff his allies, and let them see where enemies are. Another would make him summon The Bendu, creating a storm like Palpatine, and doing damage to enemies. Like most other light side Jedi, some kind of force push would also be included. As a passive ability, he would be unable to be blinded by flash grenades, considering he is already blind. His only weakness, would be beautiful Twi’lek women. 

The Grand Inquisitor would be brute strength and speed. Able to call on the dark side, but not to the level that Sith like Vader, Maul, and Dooku could. He would have a lightsaber throw, traveling farther, but doing less damage than Vader’s. His lightsaber could spin rapidly on its axis for a short period of time, doing tons of damage. A third ability would be a mind trick, similar to Obi Wan’s. There could also be an ability where he places Luminara Unduli’s bones in a location, in order to lure Jedi into a trap, but that might come off as morbid. 

     3. Ahsoka Tano–Asajj Ventress (Prequel Era)

Ahsoka Tano is the Hero I most want to see. She is also the one I’ve seen lead every poll I’ve looked at on the topic. She, of course, would be yet another light side force wielder (though, she is no Jedi). However, I just can’t see Dice not eventually including her in the game. She would be the fastest character in the game, with a jump on par with the Emperor. An ability where she did a back-flip, and used both blades to attack enemies would be cool. Give her another ability that increased her speed even further, with unlimited stamina. And finally, an ability that would disable enemy weapons, even lightsabers for a short time. 

Asajj Ventress would be equally quick, but maybe have a little more health, and do more lightsaber damage than Ahsoka. She could have an escape ability that let’s her jump twice as far, for a few seconds. A force choke would be cool, though she wouldn’t hold it as long as Vader. However, maybe she could move forward while choking, allowing her to attack with her lightsaber. The final ability would have to be something with her charm. Enemies would refuse to attack her, while she flirts away with them. 


Bonus—Cad Bane

Now that Bossk is in Co Op mode (and presumably Supremacy) for the Age of Rebellion, they can take him off of the Prequel Era and bring in Cad Bane. He would need to be at least twice as powerful as Boba Fett, considering Bane would absolutely destroy Fett in a one on one situation. Yes, I said it. 


Anyway, that is my list of the Three Heroes and Villains I want to see added to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Are there any I missed, let me know in the comments. Check out my Battlefront 2 LiveStreams at https://www.youtube.com/jamesbyronclark 


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